Who we are

Vision for Beaver Dam Baptist Church

Beaver Dam Baptist Church

Mission Statement

At Beaver Dam Baptist Church God is calling us to create a culture of discipleship for the glory of God, the good of our community and beyond. We want to see lives transformed, and disciples built by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This culture is bult on four priorities we hold as a church. We want our worship meetings to be presence focused. As we preach God’s Word, sing God’s Word, and pray God’s word His presence is our hearts desire. Our Preaching, teaching, and discipleship groups are Text-driven (this means the church is driven by what the Word of God says over personal preferences). As a result, we want to see God move this discipleship culture forward in Biblical evangelism as we go into our communities and serve our neighbors.

Beaver Dam Baptist Church

Vision Statement

Beaver Dam Baptist Church exists for the Glory of God, for the Good of our Community, and beyond (for the world). We make disciples who makes disciples by reaching up in worship (loving God), reaching out in evangelism (loving others), and reaching in with spiritual formation (building disciples).

Beaver Dam Baptist Church

For the glory of God

is to understand that everything we do as a church is for God to be glorified. We have one message of hope for the world and that hope is found in Jesus Christ our Lord. This message is revealed in the perfect word of God. The Word is the means by which we know Jesus, and Jesus is the means by which we know the Father. We are re-presenting what God has said in His perfect Word.

Beaver Dam Baptist Church

For the Good of our community

means that we care for the Beaver Dam community. We want to serve them in every possible way, knowing that the greatest gift we can give is a strong local church- a church that loves and serves this community.

Beaver Dam Baptist Church

And Beyond

“and beyond” simply emphasizes our commitment to the great commission. We are seeking kingdom advance around the world.


1. Truth with transformation

2. Relationships with authenticity

3. Generosity with Joy

4. Evangelism with urgency

5. Prayer with persistence


1. Am I spending time with God daily?

2. Am I living what I’m learning

3. Am I sharing Jesus regularly?

4. Am I sacrificing for the kingdom?

5. Am I spiritually investing in others?

Beaver Dam Baptist Church


1. Biblical Evangelism

2. The Primacy of prayer

3. Presence-focused Worship; Sunday morning worship that has inspirational Christ-exalting music, prayer, giving, text-driven preaching with a clear invitation.

4. Servanthood ministry – Taking the opportunity to love our community by actively serving them with love of Christ.

5. Event Evangelism – As a church we will host events inviting the community to our campus (drawing children and families together) for an atmosphere of love and gospel engagement. We will keep records for follow up.

6. We will have local and annual mission trips as well as give opportunity for the church to support local, state, and foreign missions.

7. We will focus on spiritual formation by building disciples through community groups such as Sunday School, Small group Bible study for all ages (including Wednesday night Bible study).